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Piano Lessons Bend OR

Piano Lessons and Services by Virginia Reber

Welcome to www.pianoacademy.org your source for personal, professional piano lessons in Bend OR area.

The piano is a beautiful instrument to learn, and having the opportunity to take piano lessons is something that everyone should be able to experience.

Virginia Reber is a piano lesson instructor here in the Bend OR area. Along with personal piano lessons, Virginia is available for piano performances for all occassions. From weddings to formal gatherings, Virginia brings forth melodic charm when she works behind the piano keys.

Choosing a piano lesson instructor in the Bend OR area can be tricky. Some people may have reservations about learning to play the piano as well however, Virginia's experience and patience can and will help everyone become successful at playing the piano.

Looking for piano lessons in Bend OR area? Look no further than Virginia Reber.

Interesting fact:

Research shows that if a child learns to play music before the age of five, he or she invariably becomes smarter than his peers later in life. 

In addition, they are more advanced in reading, and enjoy greater protection from degenerative deseases of the nervous system (e.g. Alzheimer's disease) in their latter years.

Virginia Says:

" Because I am a member of the American college of musicians, my students can choose to be in the National Piano Guild Auditions. "

Recordings are available as well!

Virginia Reber's publicly released CD
Hiding Place" can be found here

Piano Lessons in Bend OR are taught by Virginia Reber. With over 20 years experience in piano and music, Virginia can bring even the most novice player up to speed in no time at all.